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Warlocks Getting Male and Female Demons

A lot of warlock players have been waiting a long time for this one – soon any warlock will be able to choose to summon a male or female version of their demon, regardless of what summonable demon it is.

That’s right ladies, it means you’ll eventually get to summon an incubus instead of a succubus. Here’s what Zarhym had to say on the official forums:

I’m happy to share we actually do have plans for offering players a choice between male and female versions of all warlock demons. This is a task already in our system, though I don’t have a time frame for you at the moment. Other art tasks could always take precedence, but we’re committed to making this happen. :)

Now I have no idea how they’ll make imps and infernals and doomguards female, but we’ll just have to wait and see, won’t we?

Myths and Facts about Warlocks

The 2.0.1 patch has a number of people crying like 8 year old girls with skinned knees. Most of them are bitching about how overpowered warlocks have become, so it’s time to do a little Myth/Facts when it comes to Warlocks, courtesy of this thread on Myths about Warlocks. It’s important to get your facts right if you’re going to whine and cry like the little girls most of you men are.

A sample or two:

Sproc: MYTH: All 10 warlocks on your server get together and Hold hands walking side by side down zones killing everything in their path like the great wall of deathcoil.

FACT: This statement is only 1/2 true, as Warlocks ride single file to hide their numbers

Nightwoolf: MYTH: A Warlock can only have one pet out at a time.

FACT: A warlock can actually have all 4 pets out at the same time alloing them to take control of any situation that may be presented before them.

Each one also does not need to be directly controlled by the warlock. For example if the Felhunter sees a Mage, it automatically soloes it. If a Succubus sees a Warrior it automatically seduces it with an enchanting lullaby. There are also some rumours that one Warlock on Firetree had a mysterious 5th pet however nobody has ever been able to confirm these rumours as of yet.

Curse of Agony, Corruption, Siphon Life, Unstable Affliction, Immolate, Fear, Light Stretching, Cup of Tea, Collect Gold.

Let the nerf calls begin…

W00T! New talents and spells for the expansion have been annouced. The additions to to warlock afflictiion and demonlogy talents are very exciting, espcailly the the max talents of Unstable Affliction and Summon:Fel Guard. The destruction tree doesn’t really impress me.

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