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How to Win at WoW Professions


Wowcrendor is known for his YouTube videos, but this, among a few others I know I’ve linked before, are spectacular. In this video, he explains to us how we can win at WoW professions, and gives us an in-depth and close up look at each profession in the game and how awesome it can potentially be.

If you know anything about wowcrendor’s videos, you know I’m being completely facetious, and his video is a hilarious mash of opinion, funny drawings, and in-game video that has nothing to do with the topic of professions – but the narration does, and that’s what ties it all together.

Boom De Yada WoW


I don’t know which is better about this clip – the fact that Tirion Fordring and Darion Morgraine are the two at the beginning standing there marveling about how awesome Azeroth is, or the fact that there’s a line in there “My name is Lor’themar”-“Who?”

Absolutely fabulous. Want better quality? Head over here to YouTube to see it!

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