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Ars Technica Tours Blizzard HQ

The fine folks at Ars Technica recently had the opportunity to visit Blizzard Headquarters and tour their magnificent offices. While this doesn’t have to do specifically with World of Warcraft, there’s no coincidence that after 5 years of service to Blizzard, each employee gets a sword, and after 10 years they get a shield. The one shown in the article just happens to bear the crest of Lorderon.

The offices are amazing, and complete with life-size sculptures of figures like Illidan and a massive bronze Orc wolf-rider out front of the building. Head through the photo tour (and even note the “artists representation of Blizzard’s datacenter -although I’m sure they have many- that they weren’t allowed to take pictures of) and see the gloriousness for yourself!

Battlecry Mosaic: Revealed!

Remember when I asked the question, What’s Going on at the Warcraft Anniversary Mini-Site? back in December of last year?

Yeah, I was right.

The full Battlecry mosaic has finally been revealed, and what is it but a full color and fully detailed version of the header image at the top of the site, including all of the faction leaders! The full version of the banner is available in multiple sizes for download and for multiple platforms, including wallpapers designed for mobile devices like the iPhone and Android phones. There are even custom dual-screen designs to put the Horde on one monitor and the Alliance on the other!

If you’re really into it though, you can download the massive high-resolution mosaic itself, complete with all of the photos that Warcraft fans have submitted to the site over the course of the celebration, and use that on your desktop instead!

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