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From Today on, Everything Changes

I’ve done my best to try to be non-emotional about what’s happening in World of Warcraft. I mean, it’s just game, right? I’ve tried hard to avoid reading much about the changes so that I’ll be surprised by them when I encounter them. The song is The Modern Myth by 30 Seconds to Mars. If you watch it, all the way through, the part where I lost all my composure was at the end.

For many of us, this whole Cataclysm thing is just part of the game. Everything changes, so why not the game we’ve all known for so many years. For any who’ve been around since the days of Vanilla, the game has changed a 100 times over. It’s really not that big of a deal. Except this time it is.

Zul’Gurub is gone. Hakkar is gone. The tiger mount is gone. The raptor pet, gone. The worst part about all of this are the regrets I will carry with me. All the questlines I wanted to do, planned to do, and never got around to it. I’ll never get to go back to Thousand Needles and do the Shimmering Flats quests. The goblin races will be gone, covered in water.

There was a lure about the game that kept all of us coming. We’d always get to see the same stuff, knowing if we made a Night Elf where our quests would take us. Or any of the others. Everything has changed. I’m a little sad at the loss of the game I loved and still love. While I will miss so much of the old Azeroth, and that video brought a few tears to my eyes, I look forward to discovering the changes over time. As I level new characters, in new combinations.

I’ll miss you Old Azeroth. You have no idea.

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